Education Technology

Pi Song - Little Help

Activity Overview

Solving literal equations with Pi. In this activity, students will explore formulae that have Pi in it. Animations and multiple choice, self-check questions, make this activity accessible to Algebra students. The equations make this activity of interest to geometry and physics classes for a short Pi Day activity. This activity can be extended by collecting data from the animations on a spreadsheet and graphing them. Also CBR2 and light sensor probes can be used to compare with actual data.

Before the Activity

It would be helpful for students to know how to open files on their TI-Nspire, navigate between pages using CTRL+arrows, toggle between applications on a split screen using CTRL+TAB, and grab and drag a point (CTRL+CLICK). The student worksheet is optional, although it has some helpful instructions. This activity is TI-Nspire Navigator Ready. The questions are 'Self-Check' but the Question Document Type can be changed from Self-Check to Exam using the Teacher Tool Palette on a Question page.

During the Activity

This can be a paperless Navigator activity. Screen Captures can assure that students are making progress as well as aid in discussion. Live Presenter can be used to reinforce the key press sequence for the extension activity.

Teacher file and student worksheet are available as a pdf (a few TINspire Key fonts are used) and Word document (if you want to edit it). The tns file was updated for 2.0.