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  • Subject Area

    • Math: Precalculus: Composite Functions
    • Math: Precalculus: Equations
    • Math: Precalculus: Transformations
    • Math: Precalculus: Analytic Geometry (Conics)
    • Math: Precalculus: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
    • Math: Precalculus: Inverses
    • Math: Precalculus: Logarithmic Functions
    • Math: Precalculus: Piecewise Functions
    • Math: Precalculus: Polynomial, Power, and Rational Functions
    • Math: Precalculus: Power Functions
    • Math: Precalculus: Functions and Graphs
    • Math: Precalculus: Radical Functions
    • Math: Precalculus: Rational Functions
    • Math: Precalculus: Trigonometry (Triangle and Circular Functions)

  • Author

    Diane Hair

  • Level


  • Activity Time

    45 Minutes

  • Device
    • TI-83 Plus Family
    • TI-84 Plus
    • TI-84 Plus Silver Edition
    • TI-Navigator™
  • Software

    LearningCheck™ Creator

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Translating/dilating discovery of functions and writing them in function form

Activity Overview

Students will use discovery method to learn translating/dilating of all types of functions and use function notation and parent functions to write equations.

Before the Activity

Decide what type of parent equations students are to explore and hide the others in the activity file. See translation-dilation.doc.

During the Activity

Make sure students are using a journal of some kind and write observation words then complete sentences for conclusions of the translations as well as correct function equations.

After the Activity

Have students pair up and do functionformtranslations.doc and complete the partner function paper activity. Travel around the room and help students when necessary. For an assessment send the LearningCheck file translationfunctionform.edc and then collect and analyse class and go over with students using the slideshow.