Education Technology

Introduction to transformations

Activity Overview

This activity uses either TI InterActive!™ and/or a TI-84.
Students use graphs, equations and sentences for a conceptual introduction on transformations.
I appreciate feedback

Before the Activity

I am currently in the process of updating files and activities to work with new applications and TI-Navigator™.
Initially I start with the students and put the standard parabola in y1.
Students will only use y2 and and the standard graphing window.
Have students begin by placing a sketch of the parent on each of the grids and then as they go sketch in the image and write a sentence.
Notice I have left space for summaries on each part. Enjoy.

During the Activity

During the activity I bring the students together to summarize and then wander around the room helping students.

After the Activity

Assess early and assess often using a variety of formats tying into the AP rule of four.