Education Technology

Developing Class Pictures

Activity Overview

Use the activity center in TI-Navigator™ to enhance students knowledge of ordered pairs.

Before the Activity

I have used this activity as a warm-up about twice a week.
It is a great review for high school students of ordered pairs as well as other concepts. Before class put one ordered pair on a notecard and make sure there is enough notecards for each of my student. At the beginning of class the students will log-in to TI-Navigator, go to activity center.
The two pictures require a square window from the basic 10X10 window.

During the Activity

At the beginning of the activity the students' will move their cursor to the point on their card and mark that point. Do not allow the students' to see the screen until the whole class is finished.

After the Activity

If the wrong point was marked wrong discuss the ordered pairs.
You can also incorporate other concepts by making the students solve for the ordered pairs. An example card could be (-12 + 10, 6 - (-2)).