Education Technology

The Golden Ratio

Activity Overview

The students will engage in a hands on activity to determine how they fit into the golden ratio which is considered the mathematically perfect ratio. Is it necessary or important to relate to this number?

Before the Activity

The students will have discussed ratios and discussed the many ways the golden ratio is found in the world around them. The attached document is a copy of the power point slide show my classes watch before we begin the activity.

During the Activity

Students will be divided into groups of three. One to be measured, one to measure and one to verify the accuracy of measurements. Each group will need a measuring tape and three copies of the handout. They will rotate between the three positions so each person's indicated body parts are measured and the measures are recorded. They should be given an agreed upon degree of accuracy and be told whether to measure in inches or centimeters.

After the Activity

The students will enter their lists in the calculator and use the regression function of the calculator to determine the line of best fit. The teacher will gather the information using the TI-Navigator system and display each student line with a different color(no names). The teacher and students will then graph the line y=1.618x and compare and contrast their regression line to this line. The students will then reflect on the idea of mathematical perfection and its importance in their lives.