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Swim. Bike. Run. Learn. STEM.

Power Up! helps students make meaningful connections by investigating, observing and reasoning with the science and math that triathletes must master to succeed at their three-stage sport.

The free STEM Behind Sports activity utilizing TI-Nspire™ technology provides middle grades and high school science students with a fun, relevant scenario in which to explore:

  • Definitions of energy, work and power, and how they are related
  • The concept of force in a sports scenario
  • The conversion of energy

Power Up!, the new TI-Nspire™ activity from STEM Behind Sports, puts students at the starting line of an engaging, fun exploration of power, work and energy in the three stages of a virtual triathlon.

“There is a game in Power Up!, but it is not random. It is science and math that kids can control to win the race, and that is very appealing to them,” says Kelly Kutach, a former high school math teacher who holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering.

Kelly used her expertise and experience as a veteran triathlete to help her colleagues at TI Education Technology develop the lesson.

The activity’s simulations challenge students to manipulate variables as they progress through the swimming, biking and running stages of a triathlon. It also challenges them to use science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to analyze and explain their “race” performance.

Power Up! also provides a platform for students to understand how STEM concepts can be used to solve problems in everyday life beyond the classroom or in the context of athletic competition.

“Understanding data and being able to look at it, analyze it and understand it from a math and science background, it helps you understand what you’re seeing,” Kelly says.

While participating in Power Up!, students get immediate feedback, enabling them to adjust their models and correct misconceptions. The activity also includes objective and subjective questions teachers can use to assess student understanding throughout the activity.

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