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Ten80 Education is a team of engineers, scientists, teachers, professors and parents all dedicated to helping students and teachers understand STEM subjects, STEM careers and how they affect the world around us.

Playing games is more than just a post-work activity. Playing games with numbers and diving into math as the language of science is the key. Science is about real, tangible things that move, fly, explode, burn, haul loads, float, record images, and stop diseases.

Together, TI and Ten80 have created 24 exciting lessons that use TI graphing technology.

Access these activities by clicking on the title.

1.   The Science of Racing: No Free Lunch; How much energy from AA betteries translates into real work?


2.   The Science of Racing: Hitting The Mark; Collect your own data to model instaneous and avg speed.


3.   The Science of Racing: On Balance; Investigate forces that act on both planets and turning cars.


4.   The Science of Racing: Newton Knew; Use your own data to model weight, speed and acceleration.


5.   The Science of Racing: Time Laps; Build a relationship between time, distance, speed and weight.


6.   The Science of Racing: Gear Ratio Activity.


7.   Charlotte Chase Activity.


8.   The Science of Racing: Tire Pressure Activity.


9.   The Science of Racing: Spring Rate Activity.


10.   Kansas Chase Activity.


11.   New Hampshire Chase Activity.


12.   The Science of Racking: Optimal U-Turn.


13.   The Science of Racing: Fuel Strategy (Exponential Decay).


14.   The Science of Racing: Hitting Your Marks on the Drag Strip.


15.   Texas Chase Activity.


16.   Talladega Chase Activity.


17.   Dover Chase Activity.


18.   The Science of Racing: Coefficient of Friction (Skid Pad).


19.   Homestead-Miami Chase Activity.


20.   The Science of Racing: NASCAR® Pit Strategy.


21.   Chicago Chase Activity.


22.   The Science of Racing: Traction Pull Activity.


23.   Martinsville Chase.


24.   Phoenix Chase.