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William H. Sadlier, Inc. is recognized and respected in dioceses, schools, and parishes throughout the United States for its outstanding catechetical and educational publications. Sadlier's tradition of quality for more than 175 years has been nurtured by the vision, integrity, and dedication of the same family.

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Progress in Mathematics: Algebra I

 Sadlier-Oxford's Middle School Mathematics Program provides in-depth coverage of proportionality, formulas, linear equations, functions, and statistical analysis. Three types of enrichment lessons - acceleration, expansion, and extension - deepen student understanding of and appreciation for the power and beauty of mathematics. 

Algebra 1, for Grades 8 or 9, utilizes TI-Nspire™ technology to bring an interactive new dimension to algebraic problem solving. 



Both the Algebra 1 SourceBook and student Practice Book feature TI-Nspire problem-solving applications, and TI-Nspire handbooks are available in the Sourcebook and online.   

In addition, Fundamentals of Algebra, Grade 7, and Foundations of Algebra,
Grade 8, offer online graphing calculator handbooks featuring the
TI-84 Plus Silver Edition.