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CORD Communications serves the educational market by providing quality products and services designed to improve student achievement by integrating active learning into academic, career and technology classrooms.

CORD Communications strives to empower educators to implement contextual learning in the classroom.  CORD Communications is affiliated with CORD, the leading educational change agency, and accomplishes it's purpose by marketing and disseminating programs developed by CORD and others.

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CORD Algebra 1: Learning in Context, 3rd Edition

More and more teachers are seeing strong gains in student achievement and motivation by adopting what have become known as contextual teaching practices and “hands-on” learning.

For 30 years, CORD has been the nation’s leading provider of contextual-based
teaching tools. The legacy continues with the introduction of the
CORD Algebra 1: Learning in Context, 3rd Edition. Classrooms become active learning environments through group learning opportunities, discussions, and math labs all based on concrete, “real-world” applications.

Incorporating TI-Nspire™ technology into a number of math labs not only gives students the knowledge they need, but a chance to work with exciting technologies as well. By showing the relevance of the math, a majority of students are equipped to be successful. By showing the math in action, students of all learning styles are engaged and learn the math more in-depth.


The following tool allows you to review and select activities from TI's Classroom Activities that are aligned to the unit and section of your course materials.  Just follow the "Alignment" link to view each activities alignment report.  From these reports, click on "materials correlated to this standard" to view the activities that support your lesson.  Each activity can also be checked for alignment to select state and national standards.

Algebra 1, 3rd Ed.

Geometry, 3rd Ed.