Education Technology

Electrical Engineering Applications with the TI-89

Electrical Engineering students will find the 70 topics covered in this book provide in-depth analyses of how to solve many common engineering problems using the powerful CAS system of the TI-89. Author(s) - David R. Voltmer and Mark A. Yoder

Table of Contents

1.   DC Circuit Analysis

2.   Transient Circuit Analysis: Symbolic

3.   Transient Circuit Analysis: Numeric

4.   Steady-State Circuit Analysis and Filter Design

5.   Power Engineering

6.   Laplace Analysis: The s-domain

7.   The Convolution

8.   Fourier Series

9.   Vectors

10.  Vector Calculus

11.  Electromagnetics

12. Transmission Lines

13. Antennas

14. Manipulating Lab Data: The Diode

15. Financial Calculations