Education Technology

Math Investigations with the TI-30X IIS: Activities for Secondary Mathematics

This activity book is designed to help teachers prepare students to use technology appropriately to solve everyday problems. The 15 activities include topics in number theory, algebra, probability and statistics. 

Tables of Contents

  1. I Can Guess Your Numbers
  2. Measures of Central Tendency
  3. Number Crunching! Number Munching!
  4. Walking the Line
  5. Number Power!
  6. The Tortoise and the Hare
  7. What Goes Up Must Come Down
  8. How Fast for Whiplash – Going with the Flow
  9. Computing by Degrees!
  10. From a Distance...You Can See It!
  11. What Goes Around Comes Around – But Can You Measure It?
  12. Making Sense of Shapes and Sizes
  13. How Close is Close?
  14. Let Us Count the Ways!
  15. Looking at Statistics Through Circles