Education Technology

Algebra 1: Bewildered Babies

by Texas Instruments


After making charts and using logic to list possible label arrangements, students compare their results with the output of the combinations formula and nCr command.

Key Steps

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    In Problem 1, students explore combinations. They investigate a scenario of four babies who are given the wrong identification bracelets.

    Students find the number of ways that the babies can be labeled so that 2 bracelets are correct and 2 are incorrect. Then they are given the opportunity to explore a case with five and three babies.

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    Students use the combination formula to verify their answers.

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    They then use the nCr command to find the number of combinations.

    At the end of this activity, students will be able to evaluate expressions that involve factorials and theoretical probability. They will also be able to use the Fundamental Counting Principle to determine the number of outcomes in a sample space.