Education Technology

Algebra 1: Order Pears

by Texas Instruments - Bell Ringer Lesson


Students investigate ordered pairs by graphically exploring the coordinates of a point on a Cartesian plane and identifying characteristics of a point corresponding to the coordinate.

Key Steps

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    In this short activity, students explore an ordered pair on the coordinate plane. They will enter a given point into lists and then graph as a scatter plot. Students will determine in which quadrant the ordered pair is located.

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    Students will identify characteristics of points in the four quadrants. They will move the cursor around the graph screen to determine in which quadrants the x- and y-values of coordinates are negative and positive.

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    In the second part of the activity, students will identify ordered pairs of data for a given function for the cost of ordering pears. They will enter ordered pairs into lists and observe the pattern as the ordered pairs appear in a scatter plot. Then students will identify a line of fit and compare the slope to the given function.