Education Technology

Chemistry: Beer's Law Data Collection Lab

by Texas Instruments - Data Collection with Probes Lesson


  • Students will make a serial dilution of a NiSO4 standard solution.
  • Students will use a Colorimeter to measure the absorbance value of each standard solution.
  • Students will find the relationship between absorbance and concentration of a solution.
  • Students will use the results of this experiment to determine the unknown concentration of another NiSO4 solution.


  • Colorimeter
  • transmittance
  • absorbance
  • slope
  • y-intercept
  • correlation coefficient

About the Lesson

This lesson involves absorbance data for solutions of various concentration.
As a result, students will:

  • Become familiar with TI-NspireTM technology and the Vernier DataQuestTM application.
  • Use this graph to make conclusions about the experiment.
  • Use a Colorimeter to make measurements.
  • Analyze a graph of the data.


You may want to have students create a Lab Report using TI-Nspire following this lab activity. A sample lab report is provided in the downloads.