Education Technology

Forensics: Forensics with TI-Nspire™ - Case File: Hit and Run

by Texas Instruments - Data Collection with Probes Lesson


  • Simulate the use of an event data recorder (EDR) in order to show how the evidence gathered by this device can be used for legal purposes
  • Show how accident scenes can be recreated through an analysis of the data that are gathered by an EDR
  • Learn how distance traveled, velocity, and acceleration are related to one another
  • Learn how the appearance of an acceleration, velocity, or distance vs. time graph can be used to predict the appearance of the other graphs

About the Lesson

  • In this data-gathering activity, students will replicate data from an event data recorder to identify the culprit in a hit and run.
  • Students will collect data using the Vernier Motion Detector and TI-Nspire Lab Cradle or the CBR 2™.
  • The student activity sheet and .tns file contain the complete instructions for data collection. All assessment questions are also included in both places giving you the flexibility to either collect the .tns files with student data/answers (using TI-Nspire Navigator) or the student activity sheet.