Education Technology

Trig Patterns

Activity Overview

In this activity, students will use the unit circle to examine patterns in the six trigonometric functions. Students will compare angles created with the x-axis in all four quadrants and discuss with one another what is happening at each coordinate as they move the point around the circle.


  • Students will use the unit circle and the handheld to estimate the six trig functions at certain angle measures.
  • Students will then find patterns in the results of the six trig function estimations and discuss them with their classmates.

About the Lesson

Students will need to have transferred the .tns file to their handheld prior to the start of the activity. They will move the triangle of the unit circle to find the angle measures listed in the table on the student worksheet. Students will record the values and then answer questions about the patterns in the results.

*Note: This activity includes optional IB support, including an IB Questions download for students who are preparing for the IB Exam.