Education Technology

Infestation to Extermination

Activity Overview

Students investigate exponential growth and decay through the situation of infestation and extermination.

Key Steps

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    Part 1 is a warm up which reviews foundational understanding and helps students prepare to make connections between what they know and what they need to know to understand the process of solving separable differential equations. Exponential functions and power functions are compared numerically using a spreadsheet.

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    In Part 2, students examine the example of infestation of bugs in order to be introduced to the process of solving a separable differential equation. Students can answer application questions graphically using Trace or on the HOME screen.

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    In Part 3, students apply what was learned from “Infestation” to “Extermination.” Students see the similarity between exponential growth and decay. They solve several application questions graphically, numerically, or with the aid of CAS.