Education Technology

Powers and Roots of Complex Numbers

Activity Overview

In this TI InterActive!™ activity, students explore the graphical and numerical representations of the powers of a complex number.

Before the Activity

  • Install the TI InterActive!™ on the computer.
  • Print pages from the attached file for the class or distribute the TII file if students will be working in the software.
  • During the Activity

    Distribute the pages to the class.

    Follow the Activity procedures:

  • Explore a few powers of complex numbers numerically and decide if there is a pattern
  • Use parametric equations to represent a complex number graphically
  • Using De Moivre's theorem, represent the roots of the complex number graphically
  • Write the real and imaginary parts of the complex number
  • Determine the angle of the complex number from the Argand diagram
  • After the Activity

    Review student results:

  • As a class, discuss questions that appeared to be more challenging
  • Re-teach concepts as necessary