Education Technology

Transformations, Reflections and Translations

Activity Overview

Students will discover how to move a function up, down, to the right or left or reflect it.

Before the Activity

Have students log into the TI-Navigator™ system. Then have them complete worksheet #1 without using the graphing calculator.

During the Activity

After all students have completed the worksheet, have them graph their answer to the first problem (shift up 3 units).
Remind them to use a (-10,10) by (-10,10) window. Use screen capture to pull up all students graphs. Have students explain how they came up with their equation. Continue with the second problem (shift down 2 units).
After discussing the equation of these two graphs, have students complete worksheet #2. Use screen capture to verify their answers on worksheet #2 and allow students to discover the correct equation.

After the Activity

After all students have completed both worksheets, discuss how to shift a graph up, down, right, left or reflect it.
Check student understanding using Quick Poll with questions such as

    True/False. y = |x + 3| is the graph of y = |x| shifted up 3 units from the x-axis.

    True/False y = - |x| is a reflection across the x-axis of the graph y = |x|.