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Binomial Probability in Baseball

Activity Overview

In this activity, students will explore the link between Pascal's Triangle, the Binomial Theorem, and binomial probability experiments.

Key Steps

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    On page 2.1, the requirements of a binomial experiment are stated and then on the following page, the variables n and x are defined.
    On page 2.3, a basic binomial probability situation is described.

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    On page 2.4, students are instructed to perform the binomial expansion as indicated to help students identify the link between the binomial expansion and both the formula to be used as well as the calculator method used for finding binomial probabilities. If CAS technology is unavailable, then students should perform the expansion by hand.

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    The remaining pages of the document direct the student back to the baseball problem introduced at the beginning. Students are to use what they’ve learned to perform calculations and evaluate the results.