Education Technology

Math TODAY - Cropland Value Grows

Activity Overview

Students will determine the rate of growth of the U.S. cropland and find a linear model from the data to predict the value of an acre of cropland in the future should these trends continue.

Before the Activity

If you are using the TI-Navigator System™ with the TI-73 Explorer™ you will need the attached .pdf file.
See the attached Teacher Edition PDF file for notes and guidelines for this activity. The Technology Guide PDF file includes step-by-step calculator instructions with screen shots.

If you are using the TI-Navigator™ Classroom Learning System, see the TI-Navigator Basic Skills Guide PDF file for information on how the system can be integrated into your activity.

During the Activity

Students will:

  • Find the rate of change (slope) for a given set of data.
  • Determine the linear regression model from data.
  • Use the regression model to predict an answer.
  • Use the appropriate labels with numerical values for the rate of change.
  • Create a scatter plot of the data.

  • Directions:
  • Distribute the Student Edition PDF file to your class.
  • Follow the activity procedures outlined in the student document.
  • You may use the Transparency PDF file to display a large image of the USA TODAY graphic during the activity.
  • After the Activity

    Distribute the assessment questions or send the attached LearningCheck™ assessment to your class to gauge student understanding of the concepts presented in the activity.