Education Technology

Dog Pen Problem (Maximum Area of a Rectangle)

Activity Overview

Students explore various approaches to "solving" the problem of maximizing the area of a rectangle space with a fixed perimeter in the context of a farmer's "dog pen."

Before the Activity

Download the attached teacher notes and student handout (.doc files) and TI-Nspire document (.tns file) and familiarize yourself with the lesson activities. Distribute the attached .tns file and Student Handout for students to use during the activity.

During the Activity

This activity is designed to be student-centered with the teacher acting as a facilitator while students work cooperatively. The student worksheet is intended to guide students through the main ideas of the activity and provide a place to record their observations and reflections.

After the Activity

Check students' understanding. Have student summarize what they have learned by completing this activity.
Note: Problem 4 of this activity can be used as an assessment.