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Ratios and Fractions

Activity Overview

This activity allows students to reason about ratio tables, which helps their understanding of what a ratio describes in a context and what quantities in equivalent ratios have in common.

About the Lesson

 This TI-Nspire™ lesson allows students to explore the differences and similarities between ratios and fractions. Ratios are different from fractions. A ratio is a pair of non-negative numbers, a:b, which are not both 0. As one of the numbers changes, the other changes by the corresponding multiplier (i.e., if the 2 in the ratio 2:5 is changed to 6, then the 3 is changed by the same multiplier and becomes 15).

Prior to working on this lesson, students should understand:

  • the concept of equivalent fractions;
  • the concepts of ratios and equivalent ratios;
  • how to complete ratio tables.

This is Lesson 6 out of 15 in the Building Concepts in Mathematics: Ratios and Proportional Relationships Series