Education Technology

Just Move It - IB

Activity Overview

In this activity for the TI-84 family, the movements of the parent functions f(x)= x2 and f(x)= x3 will be explored.


  • Students will further discuss the idea of transformations and compare a transformed function to its parent function (x2  and x3 ), both graphically and algebraically. 
  • Students will discuss the difference between vertical and horizontal stretches and compressions.
  • Students will try to make a connection with how to understand these topics in IB Mathematics courses and on their final assessments

About the Lesson

In this activity, the movements of the parent functions f(x)= x2 and f(x)= x3  will be explored. You will be using the Transformation Graphing App and the program MOVEIT, downloaded to the calculator. To get started, access the App by pressing apps and selecting Transfrm