Education Technology

Exploring Motion Graphs

Activity Overview

Students will create distance-time and velocity-time graphs with CBL2™ and motion detectors.

Before the Activity

Day One: Show students graphs that were created with the motion detector. I show it through TI-Navigator activity center.
Assign a graph to each small group of students for them to create using the motion detector and CBL 2. I use this as the first lab so students' may have the opportunity to use this type of equipment, it may take them the rest of the hour to get it all hooked up and be able to graph anything.
Students' should be able to get the graph quickly at the beginning of the hour on day two. Save the lab sheet as labsheet 1, labsheet 2, and labsheet 3 because they contained handwritten graphs that had to be scanned.
You could make similar graphs with the CBL 2 and motion detector and save them in your document.

During the Activity

Day Two: Students should be able to quickly create the graph they were assigned the day before.
Each group will log into TI-Navigator and pull up their graph (out of TI-Navigator in a regular graph screen).
Through TI-Navigator do a screen capture so that all students can see the graph and students will explain how they created their graphs.

After the Activity

Students will now complete the lab sheet numbers 9-13