Education Technology

Give Me Five

Activity Overview

In this activity, students will discuss and describe the center and spread of a univariate data set by way of a five number summary and visually by a box & whisker diagram. Students will then apply this knowledge to real life applications to enhance their ability to understand this math in statistical data analysis.


  • Students will organize data and find the Five Number Summary.
  • Students will use their handhelds to verify the data analysis that have produced by hand.
  • Students will interpret their data analysis using the visual of a Box and Whisker diagram.


  • Outlier
  • Quartile
  • Inter-Quartile Range
  • Five Number Summary
  • Box and Whisker Diagram

About the Lesson

A univariate set of data is a list of numbers that describes the different value of a variable characteristic across a range of different units. 
The TI-Nspire file to download to the handheld is a preset tool that will help guide your students through the Five Number Summary and gives nice visuals throughout the pages, but feel free to lead your students to enter the data on their own without the help of the tools provided in the preset document. 

*Note: This activity includes optional IB support, including the IB Questions download for students who are preparing for the IB Exam.