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Fractions / Fractions as Division

Grade Level 4,5,6
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This lesson connects the concept of obtaining fractions through division; the whole number a divided by the whole number b.

Planning and Resources

Students understand that dividing the whole number a by another whole number b can be represented as (a/b).


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Lesson Snapshot


The file illustrates two different approaches to thinking about this relationship between fractions and division. Be sure students can explain both methods.

What to look for

As students discuss the concept of fraction as division, encourage them to explain their reasoning. Have students work independently then have the class work together to find the solutions using the interactive number lines.

Sample Assessment

If 3 granola bars are to be shared among 4 students how much will each student get?

a. (1/4) of a granola bar
b. 1 (1/3) of a granola bar
c. (3/4) of a granola bar
d. (1/2) of a granola bar

Answer: c

The Big Idea

Dividing the whole number a by another whole number b can be written as the fraction (a/b).

What are the students doing?

Ask students to explain how the file is connected to their thinking about the relationship between fractions and division.

What is the teacher doing?

Help students understand the connection between the divisor and the dividend on the number lines.