Education Technology

Let's Play Ball with Families of Graphs

Activity Overview

This activity is designed for students to use real-time data to generate a family of parabolic graphs. The data set will be generated by graphing the heights of a ball bounce with respect to time. Students will determine the regression equations to the graphs and determine their relationships.
The teacher will send the program to be executed to the class. Students should become familiar with using programs on their graphing calculators.

Before the Activity

Student will (a) review non-linear relationships and their characteristics, similarities, and differences; (b) graph quadratic equations.
Teacher will motivate the lesson by loading a picture (attached) in the Activity Center. Students will attempt to determine the appropriate quadratic equation.

During the Activity

Students will work in cooperative groups (each student is assigned a responsibility-recorder, reporter, manager, etc.). Each student, assisted by group members, wiill execute the program, analyze the results, calculate and graph the regression equation(s) on their calculator.

After the Activity

Students will complete Activity Sheet and LearningCheck™ assignment.
Use Screen Capture to help check for student understanding. See Teacher Notes for additional assessment strategies.