Education Technology

Box Plots: How Many Pairs of Socks

Activity Overview

The purpose of this lesson is to help students use the shape of a line plot to interpret the shape of a box plot.

Before the Activity

Students need to collect the "pairs of socks" data in advance of the lesson. Be certain students know how to enter data into lists and set up plots. If they don't you will need to provide more guidance during the activity.

During the Activity

Ask students to do the activity (labsheet "Number of Pairs of Socks?" attached) in pairs.

As students create the line plot and box plot by hand on the grid paper, be certain they are appropriately using a number line to construct the plots. It is possible to shorten the data collection process by sending out a blank list through the Activity Center in TI-Navigator™ 2.0 (if using TI-83/84), asking each student to enter his/her number, pull back the lists (which automatically augments them), save and send back to them through the Navigator classroom).

After the Activity

See the discussion questions and teacher notes in the attached activity.