Education Technology

Representing World Wealth: Where in the world is all of the money??

Activity Overview

This activity engages students in comparing the population and wealth of different regions of the world using percentages, bar graphs, double bar graphs, and circle graphs. The activity is designed to raise students' awareness of world poverty.

Before the Activity

This activity is intended to be used following Representing World Population: Where in the world are all of the people?? , though it can be used independently. You may want to use some of the questions posed in Representing World Population.

During the Activity

This activity is adapted from: Hersh, S. & Peterson, B. (2005). Poverty and World Wealth. In E. Gutstein & B. Peterson, Rethinking Mathematics: Teaching Social Justice by the Numbers, p. 64-67. Milwaukee, WI: Rethinking Schools Publications. Available at: