Education Technology

Linear Inequalities

Activity Overview

Linear programming is a technique used to solve problems that are encountered in business and industry. These problems usually involve maximizing or minimizing profit or expenses. The solution will consist of graphing the region that satisfies all the inequalities. The solution will produce a feasible region and the vertices that will yield a maximum profit or a minimum cost. This activity will help student work with linear inequalities to find the maximum profit for a real world problem.

Before the Activity

  • Download the algebra_linearprogramming.tns program into the TI-Nspire handhelds.
  • Download the TI-Nspire student activity sheet to accompany the program students will be using. This activity sheet students will complete as they work through the program.
  • Download the teacher answer keys. (algebra_linearprogramming_teacher and TI-Nspire activity_teacher).
  • During the Activity

    Discuss with students the concepts presented in the program as questions arise. Students may require assistance toggling between pages or between screens on a page. Teachers may need to assist students with key strokes.

    After the Activity

    Encourage students to have a "think about" what they have done in the program as they complete the last question in the worksheet before handing it in. Discuss what the students could potentially learn by graphing linear inequations on the TI-Nspire.