Education Technology

Meeting the TI-Nspire: Graphing Linear Equations and Inequalities

Activity Overview

This activity is an introduction to TI-Nspire. As students investigate the TI-Nspire, they will also investigate characteristics of linear equations and inequalities.

Before the Activity

The teacher should review the handout to make sure they are familiar with the button sequence. Students should have some background knowledge about intercepts, if not, the teacher may want to review the concept of intercepts. Each student (or group) should also have a handout.

During the Activity

Students will need to answer questions within the lesson so they should be prepared to stop and discuss their answers with the entire class as they move from one problem to the next.

After the Activity

Ask students to attempt to solve the problems by hand and see if the solutions are the same. Discuss advantages of using TI-Nspire vs. hand-written work.