Education Technology

Measurement and Linear Regression

Activity Overview

In this activity, students will collect data by measuring line segments in both inches and centimeters.

Students will plot the data, find the equation of the regression line and interpret the slope and y-intercept within the context of the exploration. Slope as a rate of change will be emphasized.

This activity is intended as a follow-up to linear relationships and regression.

Before the Activity

1. Distribute Student Handout and a ruler to each student. Students are to measure each line on the in inches and in centimeters.
2. Students should record data on student handout.

During the Activity

1. Once data is collected, students will enter data into inches into L1 and centimeters into L2.
2. Students will plot the data using a scatterplot, and discuss the shape of the data.
3. Students will perform a linear regression of the data.

After the Activity

1. Have students interpret the results.
2. They should complete the questions on the student handout.
3. Discuss the results in class.