Education Technology

Triangle Congruence with Activity Center

Activity Overview

When the activity is started in Navigator, students receive a diagram on their calculators with 6 regions representing the possible answers to a triangle congruence problem. The teacher displays a pair of triangles on the overhead projector or whiteboard and students move their cursor to the region that represents their answer. The teacher can give hints and immediately see the effect on student thinking by the movement of the cursors. Finish with a learn check quiz on the same subject.

Before the Activity

Download the MS Word file with more complete directions. Download the activity setting file. Prepare to display the triangle pairs somewhere that does not interfere with viewing the Activity Center screen. You can use the 12 pairs of triangles in the activity directions, or use your own. You can make transparencies or use the whiteboard.

During the Activity

Follow directions in the attached file "Triangle Congruence Using Activity Center". Enrich the activity by having students or groups make up their own triangle pairs for the class to try out.

After the Activity

The attached learn check file has 10 more triangle congruence questions. If you choose to use them as quick polls following the activity center portion, you will need to delete one of the 6 possible answers (quick poll only allows up to 5 possible answers).