Education Technology

Polygons & Angles: Looking for Patterns

Activity Overview

This activity explores the relationships of various polygons and their angles. This is a discovery lesson and leads students through data and asks them to make conjectures about the angles of a triangle, quadrilateral, and pentagon. This lesson explores interior angles, exterior angles, and asks students to make conjectures about regular polygons.

Before the Activity

This lesson is in a discovery format so students will need only minimal introduction to the topic.

During the Activity

The activity sheet gives students direction on what buttons to push and space to record information as well as make conjectures. The handheld document has diagrams set up as well as tables to collect data.

After the Activity

I would suggest at the end of the period you have the students open a new document and select "NO" when asked whether they would like to save the document. This will reset all tables for the next class. The students can easily pick up at the next "problem" on the handheld when they come back the next day.