Education Technology

Swing Your Can

Activity Overview

Sinusoidal data already obtained by swinging a can over a meter stick and measuring time and displacement from it's resting position using a CBR™ or CBL™ with a motion detector. Using the TI-Navigator™, you can monitor their "real time" success at finding the equation for this sinusoid. Using screen captures you can give feedback to 8 different teams in a matter of a minute.

Before the Activity

The students need some introduction to sinusoidal motion. With the attached "cheat sheets" they do not need a lot of introduction, because the sheets walk them through finding the equation. At least have a good discussion about motion, and things in nature which are periodic.
The teacher should download the two lists called CAN1 and CAN2 to the hard drive. The teacher should also run off the "Can Swinging Navigator questions lab" Word document and the "Periodic Functions Lab activities B" Word document to distribute to the class.

During the Activity

During the Activity: Have the students log into the TI-Navigator™ and send them the two data sets, CAN1 and CAN2.
Direct the students to put the two data sets into their Stat Plot menu on their calculators and turn on the STAT plot which is in the top row, in the middle, to the right of the scatterplot. Then they should push ZOOM followed by a nine. I like to have them work in teams of three on this activity.
Do continual screen captures of all their calculators. You can easily give guidance to all the teams in a minutes time, from your desk during the entire process.
Now tell them to use the handout entitled "Periodic Function Lab Activities" to figure out the equation of the sinusoid that fits the best through the data in their scatterplot. As they figure out the four parts of the equation, have them fill in the sheet called "Can Swing Lab."

After the Activity

Have them turn in the "Can Swing Lab" and correct it. Also immediately grade the fit of their graphs as you look at them, when they say they are done, using a screen capture.