Education Technology

Any 2 Points Make A Line

Activity Overview

Students will use the TI-nspire to plot 2 points then draw the line through them. Students will find coordinates, calculate slope for diagonal , vertical and horizontal lines, then verify results using menu choices on their handheld. This activity has a student worksheet that questions students about their choice of coordinates and requires written descriptions of their observations. Teachers are provided a follow-up assessment that can be used to further discussions in class.

Before the Activity

This activity can be used before covering slope in class. It is a great follow-up activity after using the "What's The Point" activity. Make copies of the students worksheet, to give to each student. All of the directions are onthe worksheet. Students do not need to use a program to be loaded into their handheld units.

During the Activity

During the activity, the teacher should be listening to students comments. Use these comments as teachable moments to assist students in making their observations more meaningful.

After the Activity

Use the assessment to see if students can apply their skills to classroom problems, without using the TI-nspire.