Education Technology

Exploration of Absolute Value Function

Activity Overview

This activity has three parts. 1) A exploration activity for use with the TI 84+ Family. Students will discover the transformation of y=abs(x) with the general form y=A*abs(x-h)+k. 2) an exercise set of 12 problems. 3) a MS PowerPoint file with the solutions. The ppt file has TI-Interactive graphs embedded.

Before the Activity

FamiliArity with the graphing calculator is helpful, but not absolutley necessary.

During the Activity

On the first day: Hand out the Exploration Activity at the beginning of period. Pass out the Worksheet for homework.

On the second day, use the ppt file to go over the solutions. I have used this as a three-day lesson by going over the exploration on day 2 and the solutions on day 3.

After the Activity

Also attached are two other optional documents. A short ppt doc with four absolute value functions A short LearningCheck document with questions over absolute value functions. These can be used as review at a later date or within the lesson.