Education Technology

Binomial Probabilities

Activity Overview

Students begin with a hands-on experiment of rolling a die and keeping track of the numbers of successes and failures. They then simulate their experiment by using the randBin command on their handheld. Next, they use the binomPdf command to find the theoretical probabilities and compare their experimental probabilities to the theoretical probabilities. Students also use the binomCdf command to find cumulative probabilities.

Key Steps

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    To simulate the experiments in this activity, instruct students to move to page 1.3, access the Catalog , and arrow to the first menu if needed. There they will find the randBin command. (Students can press R to be moved to the beginning of the commands that begin with the letter R instead of scrolling through the entire list.)

    Or students can press MENU > Probability > Random > Binomial to select the command.