Education Technology

Screaming for Ice Cream: Maximizing Volume of a Cone

Activity Overview

A cone will be constructed from a circle of given radius. The object is to cut a sector from the circle and form a right circular cone of maximum volume. The volume of the cone will depend upon the angle of the sector removed and the radius of the original circle. These variables will be determined during the project. The calculator document accompanies a project assignment and explains the construction of the cone and leads the student through the process of building a volume function.

Before the Activity

The project introduction (steps 1-8) may be done as a team or together as a class. Students should actually take a circle and construct a cone to give a more clear understanding of how the cone is formed.

During the Activity

The tns document will enhance understanding of the project steps 9-12. The building of a volume function will be detailed through discovery and question/response method on the calculator screen.

After the Activity

The scoring rubric is included in the project sheet already attached.