Education Technology

Advanced Algebra Nomograph

Activity Overview

This activity is similar to a function machine. The nomograph is comprised of two vertical number lines, input on the left and output on the right. The transformation of input to output is illustrated dynamically by an arrow that connects a domain entry to its range value. Students try to find the rule of hidden functions by entering different domain values. They also use a nomograph with three vertical number lines to explore composite functions, including the composition of inverse functions.

Key Steps

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    The first several problems are "What's my Rule?" activities. Input values are entered, one at a time, into the MathBox on the right side of the page. The nomograph displays the input and its corresponding output. By repeatedly entering different inputs, the student should be able to discover the function's rule.

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    Then in pairs, one student will be able to create their own nomograph by entering a function and giving the handheld to a partner to determine the rule.