Education Technology

Pencil Me In Activity - Data Collection & Analysis

Activity Overview

In this activity, students use CBL™ or CBL 2™ to measure voltages across increasing lengths of graphite and then use this data to build a mathematical model relating resistor length and voltage.

This is Activity 4 from the EXPLORATIONS book, TI-InterActive!™ Data Collection and Analysis (Texas Instruments Incorporated, 2000).

Before the Activity

Make copies of the activity worksheets as needed.

If you are using the LearningCheck™ quiz as an assessment, download it and have it ready to distribute to students. If you are using TI-Navigator System with the TI-73 you may need the attached .pdf file.

During the Activity

Have students complete the activity as directed in the PDF. Directions are given for both the CBL™ and CBL2™.

After the Activity

Have students complete the activity from the EXPLORATIONS book first. The attached LearningCheck™ appvar extends concepts from the activity above. This LearningCheck appvar can be sent to your class using TI-Navigator.

Review student answers:

  • As a class, discuss questions that appeared to be more challenging
  • Re-teach concepts as necessary