Education Technology

Dice Roll using the TI-Nspire TouchPad

Activity Overview

The teacher has the option of using only the first part (one die), second part (pair) ,or both. The activity includes hands on activity, simulation, union and intersection of probability, and CLT.

Before the Activity

Download and review Teacher Worksheet with directions to assist students in creating TNS documents. If you choose to use the prepared TNS document rather than have students create their own, you will need to download and transfer to students Nspires. Connect2Class is recommended.

During the Activity

Give students the opportunity to discover patterns. Use the "Compare and Share" concept for group interaction, discussions, and learning. Have students share their insights. Have students use the Teacher Edition of Nspire to upload their document or to manipulate for class observation.

After the Activity

A very revealing extension is to create a screen with a three part page layout. I found the pair of dice results on top of each of the individual dice is revealing.