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Properties of Logarithms

Activity Overview

Students use a combination of algebra and graphing to discover the properties of logarithms. Problems 1 and 2 cover the Power and Product Properties of logarithms, respectively; Problem 3 covers the Quotient Property in addition to introducing log-log "paper", a grid with a logarithmic scale on each axis.

Key Steps

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    Students are introduced to the properties of logarithms. They will use the properties to answer the question.
    How can you simplify the logarithm of a power?
    Using a spreadsheet, students calculate the value of b = a2 from the values of a.  Then, students will graph the data from Columns A and B as a scatter plot and observe the resulting shape.

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    Students will calculate the values of x = log(a) and y = log(b) and then graph them in a scatter plot on page 1.9.

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    Students will view how to rewrite the logarithmic equation. They will see the Power Property of Logarithms revealed.