Education Technology

Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Activity Overview

This lesson was designed for our Grandparents and Special Friends day. It can be used for any visitation day, or an open house.

The lesson is designed to review percent of a whole and the sector of the circle representing the percentage. Although circle graphs can be created in a spreadsheet program using Cabri Jr® introduces the concept of angle rotation, and central angle measures.

For younger children you may change the measure between the radii and not teach rotation.

Before the Activity

You can teach rotation of a segment in a circle and save the appropriate circle(s) to open on vistation day and rotate the degrees computed.

Children should be able to find the percent for each category and the percent of 360 degrees

During the Activity

Start with quick poll and have the students make the necessary computations and complete the circle graph.
Then have them open the Cabri® file and rotate the radius to finish the circle graph.

Screen capture to make sure everyone is on task and to discuss the various graphs. Be sure to check that the rotation was in the appropriate direction.

Send the LearningCheck™ and collect and view the slide show. Quick poll visitors before they leave. Did they learned anything today?

After the Activity

Finish any graphs or quick poll items that were not done during the visitation.