Education Technology

NUMB3RS - Season 3 - "Waste Not" - Sharpshooter

Activity Overview

It is believed that an unusually high occurrence of cancer in a small area may represent a "cancer cluster." Because this is rare, it is more likely to be a case of "Texas Sharpshooting." For example, suppose a person randomly shoots a gun several times at the side of a barn and draws a circle around the holes that are closest to each other. Since they fit in a 'cluster,' the person declares himself to be a Texas Sharpshooter.
Students will examine and simulate Texas Sharpshooting.

Before the Activity

Download the attached PDF and look over the Teacher Page.

During the Activity

Discuss the materials from the Student Page with your class. Share the attached SHARP calculator program for students to check their work.

After the Activity

Encourage students to explore web sites and questions from the Extensions Page.