Education Technology

Patterns in Counting with Decimals

Activity Overview

Students use the calculator to represent decimals and to recognize patterns in the number symbols.


Students will explore the following concepts in this activity:

  • patterns
  • decimals
  • place value
  • addition
  • comparing decimals

About the Lesson

Distribute the student activity sheet to the class, which contains a 10 x 10 gird. Ask students:

If the entire grid is worth one dollar, how much is each square worth? Help students connect their understanding of one cent to a dollar.

Have students work in pairs. Have the first partner fill in the first blank after the single square with the fraction 1/100 th 
and the second blank with a decimal symbol (0.1) for one-hundredth. Finally, challenge the students to find as many patterns as they can in each of the labeled grids and record the patterns on their activity sheets.