Education Technology

A Little Light Work

Activity Overview

Students will study graphs of light intensity at various distances from a light sensor. They will use power and linear regressions to determine the relationship between light intensity and distance from the light source. They will also develop their own models for the relationship.

Key Steps

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    Students should move to page 1.3, which contains an empty Lists & Spreadsheet application, and insert a data collection box. They should then connect the EasyLink or Go!Link to their handheld or computer. Tell students which setting (0-600, 0-6000, or 0-150,000 lux) on the Light Sensor to use.

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    Students repeat the data collection four more times. Once they have collected six data points, they can close the data collection box and disconnect the sensor.

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    Next, students create a plot of intensity vs. distance in the Data & Statistics application on page 1.4.