Education Technology

NASA:Taking a Walk in the Neuroscience Laboratories

Activity Overview

Within the Neuroscience Laboratories, many different functions are tested. For example, researchers in the Motion Laboratory focus on the post-flight disturbances in balance and gait control—areas with which many astronauts struggle. This laboratory develops training programs that will facilitate recovery of normal mobility after long-duration spaceflight.


Students will:

  • analyze acceleration data and make predictions about velocity and
  • use Riemann sums to find velocity and position.

About the Lesson

This lesson focuses on the The Neuroscience Laboratories at NASA Johnson Space Center. The Neuroscience Laboratories investigate the effects of spaceflight on the human nervous system, with particular emphasis on posture and gait (manner of walking), eye-head coordination, perception, space motion sickness, and the involuntary sensory function of the inner ear.