Education Technology

How Much Water Can Abe Hold?

Activity Overview

In this activity students will see how many drops of water they can squeeze onto the face of a penny. Through this activity they will use their estimating skills, create stem and leaf plots, find quartiles and median and create a box and whisker plot.

Before the Activity

  • Copy students worksheet page "Quick Hands"
  • Load quickhands.act into Activity Center
  • Each student will need a penny, eye dropper and a paper towel
  • During the Activity

  • Have students log into Navigator System
  • Use a Quick Poll to have students estimate how many drops will fit on the penny
  • Have students do experiment
  • Use Activity Center to collect all students estimated drops & actual drops
  • Send Edrop & ADROP Lists to students
  • Finish up worksheet
  • After the Activity

    Discuss results.